Lying on the border with France to which it is linked via the Frejus tunnel, the Susa Valley is a natural bridge with Europe and a treasure trove of alpine art and culture to be found amidst a perfectly natural setting of woods and mountains. Over the centuries, armies, pilgrims, popes and emperors have travelled through this valley leaving their mark on the culture, architecture and art.

Lots of paths wind through the valley passing by abbeys, convents and chapels starting from the Sacra San Michele, the imposing monastery perched high over the entrance to the valley, and ending up with the San Pietro Church at Rochemolles. The valley is full of castles, fortresses and military garrisons, including the Fort of Exilles that stands out in the centre of the Susa Valley or the Bramafam Fort at Bardonecchia. 

The artfully crafted wood and stone souvenirs you might like to take home with you are the product of centuries of craftsmanship inspired by the natural beauty of the valley. 

The vibrant cultural activity of this area also offers tourists and visitors a rich programme of events throughout the year, with unrivalled opportunities to rediscover the beauty of times past, experience ancient customs and savour regional cuisine.

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