Located in the western corner of Piedmont, Bardonecchia nestles in a natural sun-drenched basin and is a popular destination for holiday-makers all year round. An international station on the railway line between Modane and Turin, this alpine town lies just 90 km from the city of Turin at the heart of the Upper Susa valley, and is famous for its heavy snowfalls in winter and its cool, mild climate in the summer.  

Bardonecchia, including its five villages, Les Arnauds, Melezet, Millaures, Gleise and Rochemolles, still has a number of fine examples of artistic and architectonic buildings from past centuries. As you walk through its streets, frescoes, churches and ancient buildings, not to mention fortresses and castles, tell the story of this mountain area, a border town lying between France and Italy, strongly influenced by the French and their culture. 

From the early 20th century, Bardonecchia has always been a renowned holiday resort, connected as it is to France through the historic Frejus tunnel, and it has now become one of the main ski resorts in the Alpine chain. Chosen to host the snowboard trials both during the Turin 2006 Winter Olympics and later the Universiad Winter Games in 2007, Bardonecchia today boasts Olympic pistes surrounded by enchanting scenery. 

In the summer, this scenery becomes the backdrop to numerous excursions into an unspoiled natural environment, along paths of varying difficulty either on foot or on a mountain bike to relive the atmosphere of bygone days amidst local smells and colours. 

Cianfuran Residence is an ideal starting point for you to discover the area’s beautiful countryside and its historic treasures.

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